She Doesn’t Want Her Husband To Go To His Ex-Wife’s Funeral Because She Still Feels Threatened By The Fact That They Were Close Friends

“I sucked it up & went along. I resented every moment of knowing her, especially when we had to be social. She understood some part of him I couldn’t. Her husband was friends with mine as well, so it’s not like I could use him as an angle.”

So although she went along with it all, she absolutely hated his ex-wife and the fact that her husband was still friends with this woman.

Her husband never called his ex his ex; he called her his friend, and they did a lot of things together.

Her husband would grab lunch with his ex, and they would also go out to the movies with one another too.

None of this sat well with her, and she would frequently bring up to her husband that she was bothered by his friendship.

In response, he told her that she had a chance to get out, and she didn’t and had reassured him this friendship wasn’t a problem for her.

A few days ago, her husband got lunch with his ex, and she sadly passed away from an aneurysm as she was walking back to her car.

When her husband found out that his ex had passed away, he cried a lot, but she just felt relief that this woman was gone.

Then, her husband began working with his ex’s husband to plan her funeral, and she couldn’t believe her husband thought he was allowed to attend.

“My argument, summed up: She’s dead, so she’s not a factor anymore,” she explained. “He doesn’t get to use his “she’s my friend” excuse since she doesn’t exist anymore.”

“He had his cry for a couple of days; he gets to be done with mourning her already. There’s no need for him to go to her funeral since I wouldn’t want her at his.”

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