She Found Out Her Stepson Didn’t Want Her At His Wedding, So She Decided To Skip It, And Now Her Husband’s Family Is Furious

For instance, she refrained from speaking badly about their mother, never wanted to overstep, and tried not to assume that they would love her the same as they loved their biological parents.

Despite hoping they would grow close, though, her stepchildren have reportedly just been rude, distant, and cold to her over the years.

According to her, she still loved them regardless– but her husband took the parenting lead with them.

So, by the time she and her husband had two children of their own together, it did not really go over well.

Kai and Mia apparently never bonded with them– even though she continued to hold onto hope that time and therapy would allow some sort of relationship to blossom.

Now, though, Kai is engaged to be married– and the guest list has caused her some serious upset. She recently learned from her husband that Kai would not be inviting her two biological children since the event would be child-free.

On top of that, though, she also was expected to abide by many more of her stepson’s wedding rules.

“Kai told me what I could not wear because the two mothers were going to match the theme, and I am not counted in that, and that I would not be given a corsage to wear so people would know I was not one of the parents,” she explained.

Additionally, her stepson said she would not be mentioned in any of the toasts and that she was not allowed to give a toast of her own.

Finally, Kai explicitly stated that any photos of the parents and immediate family would not include her.

And after hearing all of that, her husband was understandably confused and asked why Kai was going through so much effort to make sure she had no involvement in the day. Then, the truth came out once and for all.

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