She Got Blackout Drunk At Her Company Christmas Party And Then Made Out With Her Male Coworker, Even Though She Has A Boyfriend

Look! - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

A 28-year-old woman recently attended her company’s Christmas party several weeks ago, and she pretty much embarrassed herself in front of everyone she works with.

When she arrived at the party, everything was really clear. She was happy, and she was having a wonderful time with her coworkers.

Normally, she doesn’t really drink, but at this party, she did, and she drank to the point of losing all control over herself.

After dinner came to an end, everything went black, save for a couple of details. She does recall getting into a cab, but the cab didn’t go anywhere.

She also remembers holding her 20-year-old male coworker’s face in her hands, and she totally did make out with him that night.

The thing is, she never knew this guy that well prior to the party, although she got really cozy with him that night.

Time really blurred together for her too, and she couldn’t really work out a lot of what went down that evening, as she was blackout drunk for the majority of the party.

“If I were to puzzle it all together, I would probably have 2-3 minutes instead of the 5 hours, which was the actual time I attended the party,” she explained.

“No memory at all of what I have said. I woke up with the girl colleague that I shared a room with (thank God!), and she retold a lot of the stupid s*** I had done… In front of everyone I work with.”

Look! – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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