She Got Custody Of Her Brother’s Kids After They Were Being Bullied At Home, So Now That Her Parents Invited Her Brother And His Stepchildren To Christmas, She Is Refusing To Go

Anyway, she and her husband still have custody of the kids to this day– because apparently, absolutely nothing has changed with her brother’s family.

In fact, her brother actually no longer sees his children at all, and the kids do not want to see his wife– their stepmom– either.

And at first, her parents understood that having no contact between the kids and her brother outside of court was the best way to go.

Her parents even stopped talking to her brother for a short period of time as well.

All of a sudden, though, she claims that her parents are trying to act super friendly with her brother. Moreover, they recently invited him to celebrate Christmas with the family– and she is pissed.

Apparently, she only found out that her brother was invited through her sister. And after learning that, she immediately called up her parents and told them that she and the kids simply would not be going.

Her parents, however, did not understand why and tried to claim that reunification was important for the family.

They also said that moving forward, Christmas invitations would be sent to everyone– including her brother.

Honestly, though, she completely disagreed with her parents’ perspective and underscored that she, her husband, and her niece and nephew would not be spending Christmas with them ever again if that was the case.

But if you could not have guessed it, her parents were furious. First, they accused her of “being too aggressive” in handling the situation.

Then, they even told her that she was throwing away her niece and nephew’s chance at having a family “when they need family the most.”

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