She Refused To Share Sunscreen With Her Boyfriend When They Went To The Beach On Christmas, So Now He Has A Bad Sunburn And Will Not Forgive Her

Understandably, though, her boyfriend just did not get that and actually got pretty mad at her for refusing to help him out.

Still, she never caved and instead just told him to put on a hoodie in order to minimize the sunburns!

Well, her boyfriend just thought that was plain ridiculous and never put a sweatshirt on. So, if you could not have guessed, he ended up getting some really bad sunburns.

In fact, his skin was apparently bright red and very hot to the touch, and her boyfriend was in a lot of pain.

And after that happened, he ended up blaming her for being selfish on the beach. More specifically, her boyfriend called her a total jerk for not sharing with him.

Plus, even though it has been days since Christmas passed, he is still refusing to forgive her.

“He says that he has not forgiven me yet because it hurts, and the sunburn has not faded,” she revealed.

Her boyfriend has even had to see her dad for a dermatology consult, who gave her boyfriend some sunburn relief.

But, after learning about what happened on Christmas, her dad has since called her out for being a total jerk, too.

Apparently, her dad claims that sharing some of the sunscreens with her boyfriend would have cost her nothing.

Her mom, on the other hand, has actually taken her side, though– claiming that the incident was her boyfriend’s fault since he refuses to use his own sunscreen and that the whole experience will teach him a much-needed lesson.

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