She Suffered A Miscarriage Last Year That Led To Her Marriage Ending, But Her Cousin Recently Lost Their Late Fiancé And It Sparked A “Grief Competition” At Christmas Dinner

However, once she saw her cousin get up to grab a glass of soda, that all changed. Well, first, she asked if her cousin could also grab her a beverage as well.

And immediately afterward, her cousin reportedly freaked out.

She claims that her cousin became really upset before totally going off on her– asking why they should have to bring her things and claiming that she could just get a drink herself.

Now, she was pretty taken aback by the outburst and told her cousin that it was completely fine not to get her a drink.

“I just asked since she was already there, and she was making a big deal,” she reasoned.

After explaining that, though, she claims that her cousin looked like she was about to cry. Moreover, her cousin then started claiming that she expected everyone to just “fawn” over her; meanwhile, everyone in the family got accused of not caring about her cousin or what happened to her cousin’s fiancé.

So, at that point, she decided it was time to set the record straight. She ended up telling her cousin that everyone was just doing their best, and she apologized for her cousin feeling that way.

However, she also pointed out how there was not a “grief competition” going on and claimed her cousin should understand that one person’s feelings are no more valid than another’s.

Some other people at the dinner ended up overhearing their conversation, too, but thankfully, the tension died down, and she believed it was not a huge deal.

Well, that was until later that evening when she received a furious text from her cousin’s sister.

Apparently, the sister claimed that what she said to her cousin was “awful,” and she even got accused of just treating her cousin terribly.

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