He’s A Former Heroin Addict Who Recently Caught His Teenaged Son Smoking And Drinking, So He Brought His Son Out On The Streets To See What Addiction Is Really Like, But Now His Son’s Mother Is Upset With Him

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This thirty-five-year-old man has a son named Gavin, who is now fifteen. But, back before Gavin was born, and when his son was very young, he used to be a heroin addict.

During that time, he lived on the streets for the first few years of his son’s life. Then, by the time Gavin turned five, he amazingly got sober and has remained clean ever since.

Just recently, though, his teenage son actually got caught smoking and drinking alcohol. And understandably, this really upset him.

Now, his son realizes that he is very disappointed in him. Moreover, Gavin knows that he is much too young to be drinking or smoking. But, he still thought it would be a good idea to teach his son a valuable life lesson.

For context, every once in a while, he will go back to the same streets he used to hang out on– walking down the blocks and helping out the people he used to do drugs with in the past.

While there, he always offers the people resources, gives them food, and more.

“My wife does not like this, but she knows it is important to me,” he explained.

So, after finding out what his son had been up to, he decided to bring Gavin with him to meet some of the people on the streets on Boxing Day– which was the day after Christmas.

He essentially made his son watch how the people lived and how they interacted with him. And honestly, he could tell that the whole experience really shook Gavin up.

kieferpix – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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