She Told Her Fiancé That His 15-Year-Old Daughter Is Using Her Autoimmune Disease To Manipulate Him, And Now Her Fiancé Is Rethinking Their Entire Engagement

Elena Stepanova - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This woman is currently engaged, and her fiancé is a single father. So, after they tie the knot, she will become a stepmother to her future stepdaughter, Summer– who is fifteen-years-old.

Summer has an autoimmune disease, though, and the teen’s biological mom is no longer in the picture. So, according to her, her fiancé spoils Summer rotten because of these circumstances.

For instance, she claims that even if dinner is already made, but Summer wants to eat something else, her fiancé will order it anyway and claim that his daughter just “gets cravings.”

Summer reportedly also does not do any chores around the house, and she is also not allowed to ask the teen for help with anything.

“And if Summer is being a brat, he excuses it because ‘her medicines cause mood swings,’ and she can demand all of his attention whenever she wants,” she added.

Summer also goes to a different kind of school, which operates year-round. So, rather than getting a three-month-long break for the summer, the teen gets a month off.

Then, the other two months of break time are split up throughout the rest of the year.

And because of this, Summer has gotten four weeks off for winter break. And at first, her fiancé’s daughter was supposed to spend the first week of this break on vacation with one of her friends and the friend’s mother.

This plan worked for everyone initially. Summer got to go on a trip, and she was happy to spend time with her fiancé without Summer “interrupting” them every ten minutes.

Elena Stepanova – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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