When She Was Sick, She Asked Her Boyfriend To Run Out And Get Her Some Cold Medicine, But Then He Expected Her To Pay Him Back For It

TikTok - @jackieli852

It’s common in a long-term relationship to share finances. Maybe you pay for dinner one night, your partner pays for the next. But what about small expenses?

Would you expect to have to pay them back for $5? TikTok creator @jackieli852 didn’t expect this to happen, but it’s exactly what her boyfriend did to her.

“One time, I was feeling really sick, and I asked my boyfriend at the time if he could buy me some cold medicine on his way home,” she said. “So after he finished work, he dropped by CVS and picked up some DayQuil for me.”

It undoubtedly is a nice thing for him to do for his girlfriend. But because she was his girlfriend, she didn’t think asking him to stop for her when she wasn’t feeling well was a big issue. She explains how he brought her home the medicine, which she took before bed.

“The next day, I wake up, and he’s Venmo charged me $7 for this medicine,” she said with a long pause and a shocked look on her face.

She obviously paid him for the cold medicine, but she nonetheless thought that it was a bizarre request from her boyfriend.

“At that point, we’d been dating for like four years,” she said.

While some couples choose to break up finances item per item, others don’t. Especially for something that costs so little, once you’ve been in a relationship for a long time–like four years–you may start to care less and less about things like this.

“I don’t know, I think I prefer a relationship where it’s like, ‘hey, I’ll get this, you get that the next time,’ and we’re not like keeping track of our expenses like dollar by dollar,” she said. “I should have known.”

TikTok – @jackieli852

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