His Loved Ones Are Making Him Feel Like A Monster For Dating A Girl With Down Syndrome

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This 26-year-old guy works as a nurse, and he was in charge of recently caring for a female patient who had to spend two weeks in the hospital.

While he was caring for this woman, he met her 21-year-old daughter, Emma, who has Down syndrome.

He didn’t find Emma attractive at first due to his “own prejudices,” but as they got to chitchatting, he began to actually develop a crush on her.

Emma is adorable, hilarious, and quite intelligent. Emma’s mom would tell him that Emma liked talking about him on his days off, and Emma’s dad always wanted to know when his next shift was.

“One day, her mother said to me that she believes Emma has grown quite fond of me, and she wouldn’t be against me taking her out for lunch, so I did that day, and we hit it off very well,” he explained.

“She’s very self-aware of the fact she has Down syndrome, she makes jokes about it, and she’s very cheeky.”

“She said, “You know what they say, you haven’t lived until you’ve been to bed with a Down syndrome girl…nobody says that actually,” which almost nearly made me spit out my food.”

After that lunch date, they have gone on three additional dates, and Emma’s parents are always there too; they just hang out from across the room.

He does not mind Emma’s mom and dad tagging along for their dates, and he respects how protective they are of their daughter.

Brastock Images – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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