Forget The Salon: Here’s How You Can Replicate Dua Lipa’s “Aura Nails” At Home

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Let’s be real: we all love Dua Lipa. Not only has she released hit song after hit song (my favorites are “Don’t Start Now” and “Break My Heart”), but the singer also always has some fresh takes on the latest fashion trends.

And yet again, she lived up to this expectation recently after sharing her first manicure of the new year on Instagram on January 3.

To ring in 2023, the star opted to get a variation of the trendy “aura nails.” But, Dua’s claws almost resemble a galaxy gradient– with a black base and baby pink gradient on top.

Her nail artist, Michelle Humphrey, also shaped her tips into medium-length almond-shaped nails.

Aura nails are supposed to incorporate your “aura”– or the colors of your personal energy– into adorable nail designs. Most often, though, these manicures resemble soft gradients that make the aura color shine.

Plus, if you don’t want to use your own aura– or honestly have no clue what your aura even is– that’s no problem, either. You can simply choose colors that blend nicely into each other, just like Dua did.

At the nail salon, the most common way to achieve the aura nail is by visiting a professional nail tech who has an airbrush tool.

Don’t fret, though, because there is also a super simple way to achieve these gradient nail looks at home.

First, choose any nail base to start with. Although, we recommend a neutral tone that will really make your “aura” color pop– like black, white, or a dark contrasting color.

paninastock – – illustrative purposes only

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