Her Friend Kicked Her Boyfriend Out And Then Tried To Get Her To Help Her Be A Parent To Her Newborn Baby

Ulia Koltyrina - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 19-year-old girl has a 23-year-old friend named Jess, who just became a mom pretty recently.

One day, Jess called her up and pleaded with her to go to the store and pick up baby formula and a couple of other things, as she was exhausted and not up to doing it.

She said yes, went to the store, and grabbed everything that Jess needed. She then stopped by Jess’s place to drop everything off.

While she was with Jess, she said that she would be happy to feed the baby so that Jess could hop in the shower and make dinner for herself.

Jess was thrilled that she offered this, and it was about 4:15 in the afternoon when this all happened.

Now, she knows that Jess’s boyfriend comes home from work every day at 5:30, so when it got closer to 5 and Jess had already showered and eaten, she questioned Jess if she would be fine by herself until her boyfriend arrived so she could leave.

“She tells me she kicked him out because he went to visit his mother whilst he had the baby, and he hadn’t asked her first,” she explained.

“I should be clear that I don’t have kids and never intend to, and so I cannot pretend to know what goes through a new parent’s head, but I found that whole thing so ridiculous.”

“I said that’s so stupid of her because he clearly loves her and baby…Jess got mad and said I don’t get it.”

Ulia Koltyrina – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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