Her Roommate Believes She Does Not Give Enough Notice Before Returning Back To Their Rental Home, But She Is Not Sure If She Needs To Give Any Notice At All

racool_studio - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This twenty-nine-year-old woman is currently attending graduate school. So, while she finishes up her education, she has been living with two other roommates in a rental house.

Just recently, though, she has been dealing with an ongoing issue concerning one of her roommates named Jess, who is twenty-seven. Apparently, Jess accused her of not providing enough notice before returning to the house.

Now this issue first began last month when she went out of town. Prior to leaving, she marked on the house calendar that she would be gone Friday night and return on Sunday.

“However, Jess interpreted my calendar event across Friday to mean that I would be gone both Friday and Saturday nights,” she explained.

So, by the time she was heading back to town on Saturday afternoon, she texted her roommates to let them know that she would be home in a few hours. Jess, though, was shocked and upset.

Apparently, her roommate was “taken aback” by that information and asked if she could provide more of a “heads up” next time. And since she is typically an apologetic person, she told Jess that she would.

But then, a second incident occurred a bit more recently. That time, she had gone out of town again to go camping with a few friends for three days. And on day three, she and her friends decided to head back early due to inclement weather.

That day, though, she did not have any cell service to inform her roommate before she reached the main road. So, as soon as she had service, she sent a text to her roommate. That just was not good enough, though.

“Jess was the only one home, and she was really annoyed,” she recalled.

racool_studio – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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