Say No To The Bare Minimum: How To Know When You’re Not A Priority And Escape This Cycle In Your Relationship

When a man seriously likes– or even loves– a woman, he will show investment and consistency. So, if there is any question about his motives, you should accept the truth.

Next, if you are always the one trying to make plans– whether that be for a cozy night in or a date night out– and your partner can never give you a definite “yes” or “no,” that is a bad sign.

This is especially true if your partner frequently reaches out to you and makes plans at the last minute. You are no one’s second choice, but with this behavior, you are being treated like one.

Going hand in hand with the last point, if you take care of most of the communication in the relationship, then you are definitely not viewed as a priority. You should not have to be the only person who calls, texts, or plans date ideas.

Finally, if your partner never really does anything aside from show up for hangouts and “go through the motions,” then he is not really emotionally invested in you.

Partners are supposed to make each other feel special– on birthdays and anniversaries as well as during day-to-day life.

If you feel like he never goes out of his way to show his appreciation or make you feel special, then that is a good indicator that you are not really at the top of his mind.

How To Escape The Bare Minimum 

First of all, if you recognize that you are not being prioritized in a relationship, then it is important to know that you have every right to leave. Never let the fear of the unknown or the fear of being alone hold you back from cutting things off.

Instead, you need to know your worth and values and stick to the standards that you have for your relationship. Then, if a guy or gal is not meeting them, you have complete authority to prioritize yourself and end the relationship.

It is also crucial to note that if a partner knows you will not leave, then there is virtually zero motivation for them to work on the relationship.

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