She Ate All 4 Pints Of Ice Cream In Her Freezer, And Then Her Roommate Flipped Out On Her Because She Wanted To Be Able To Eat Some Too - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 26-year-old girl has a female roommate the same age as her. They never go grocery shopping with one another, but despite that, she does not mind if her roommate helps herself to the food that she buys.

Frequently, she’ll buy ice cream or cookies and then let her roommate know what she got and that she is welcome to have some too.

Her roommate doesn’t always take her up on her kind offer, and it’s worth pointing out that she pretty much never eats her roommate’s food unless they end up making a meal together or if her roommate actually asks if she wants something.

This week when she went out grocery shopping, she noticed that Ben & Jerry’s ice cream happened to be on sale; it was $4 for 2 pints.

She ended up purchasing 4 pints, and she picked all of her favorite ones, but one flavor she picked up also happens to be her roommate’s favorite as well, which she is aware of.

As she arrived back at her place, she informed her roommate that she had picked up some ice cream, and it would be in their freezer if she would like some.

Yesterday, she ate half of one of her pints, while her roommate did not end up eating any of her ice cream.

“Today, I was stressed while working (WFH), and I ended up stress-eating all the remaining 3.5 pints of ice cream while my roommate was out,” she explained.

“When she got home, she saw there was no ice cream left and completely flipped out when I told her I finished it all. She called me a glutton with no self-control and that my offer to share ice cream was really disingenuous if I was just going to pig out on it before anyone else could get to it.” – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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