She Attended A Wedding For A Family Friend And Wound Up Catching The Bride’s Bouquet, But Now A Lot Of People Feel That She Shouldn’t Have Tried To Catch It And Draw Attention To Herself

“At one point, my parents asked me and my girlfriend to get some food for a while as some “upset” (drunk probably) relatives of the groom had apparently been saying they were going to come up to us and tell us to stop dancing together.”

Then, the bride announced that she wanted to do the bouquet toss, and she asked everyone to get ready.

She and her girlfriend both walked into the crowd, and the bride was excited to have a lot of her guests invested in the bouquet toss.

Since she had been snapping photos towards the front of the room right before the bride made her announcement, she and her girlfriend wound up at the front of the crowd.

“I caught it by jumping up,” she said. “Another guest also caught it but let go insisting I got it first, and I should take it; I’ve only been with my girlfriend a few months, so it was more as a fun thing/gesture than overly serious (though id love to marry her in the future).”

“She laughed, I laughed, and everybody dispersed to go back to talking/eating.”

Not long after she caught the bouquet, her sister and her sister’s boyfriend approached her to call her out for catching the bouquet.

Her sister and her sister’s boyfriend chastised her for putting attention on herself as well as her girlfriend.

They also felt that she should not have tried to get the bouquet since she has not been dating her girlfriend for that long.

“She had been talking to some other guests our age who had been making some comments about how our parents must be happy that at least she is going to give them grandkids and that I must’ve embarrassed them all by making such a scene,” she continued.

“My parents later said the same thing had been said to them. The general feel among my family and guests was that I drew unneeded attention. To respect traditional beliefs and older guests, I should’ve either come alone or not worn matching clothes with my girlfriend to be considerate.”

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