She Found Out That A Guy Was Coming Into Her Apartment, Sometimes When She Was Home Too, And She Has No Idea How Many Times This Creep Did This

racool_studio - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Moving into a new apartment is always a thrilling experience. Of course, it’s great when there is friendly staff in the apartment building to help make your time there comfortable. But sometimes, tenants get stuck with some not-so-great people in their building.

One woman recently shared a story about a sketchy set of apartment staff that makes us want to purchase a backup lock for our doors.

As soon as she could live on her own, she rented an apartment at a complex called “Paradise Apartments.”

It was in her price range, and she had her eye on the building for some time. Sadly, once she moved in, she realized the apartment wasn’t as great as she had hoped it would be.

Some of the issues included plumbing problems and thin walls. Little did she know that those things would be the least of her worries with her new apartment.

When she lived in Paradise Apartments, she was a college student who primarily took classes online.

She described herself as a homebody and would only leave her apartment for one in-person class to go shopping and visit her boyfriend.

“My apartment was a bit of a Bermuda Triangle,” she explains. “Even though it was only 600 square feet and I lived alone, things had a way of growing legs and walking away.”

She had two kittens at the time, which she would often blame for moving little things around her apartment, but there was one particular item that would have been impossible for a kitten to move.

racool_studio – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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