She Has A Couple Tricks For How You Can Make Your Dirty Hair Look Amazing, And All You Need Are 15 Minutes And A Couple Of Different Products

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Do you ever wake up and wish that you could just snap your fingers to make your hair look amazing?

Especially when your hair is dirty, it can be quite a hassle to try to brush it out and style it so that it doesn’t look greasy in the morning.

But don’t fret–TikToker Janelle Rohner, @janellerohner, has created a dirty hair look that will help you trick people into thinking you just washed your hair.

Janelle said that she’s able to change her overnight dirty hair into a beautiful, freshly washed style “with just a few products and about 15 minutes.”

In her video, she does a tutorial for viewers and shows the different kinds of products that she uses to complete this look. She first starts out by explaining how dirty your hair should be for this look to work.

“My hair was a little bit wild here,” Janelle showed in the video. “I will admit, I wash my hair maybe about once a week now. If that’s not you, that’s fine, but this is how I revamp it.”

The first part of this two-step revamping process is to curl your hair.

“So here I am, just curling it,” she said. “I got this curling iron off of Amazon. It was, like, $15– but I absolutely love it.”

When you are curling your hair, there are actually some special tips and tricks to use in order for this look to turn out well.

WavebreakmediaMicro – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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