She Told The Guy That She’s Seeing That She Would Like To Make Their Relationship Official But He Wasn’t Interested, So Then She Said She Would Like To Date Other Guys, But He Didn’t Like That

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This 26-year-old girl has been seeing a 29-year-old guy for a little more than 2 months now, and she likes him a lot.

She likes him so much that she can picture being with him long-term. She spends almost every day with him, and they sleep over at one another’s places a lot as well.

She texts back and forth with this guy or calls him frequently as well, so you can see how she got the idea that he was invested in something with her.

One week ago, she decided to bring up the idea of a committed relationship with him. She revealed that she has feelings for him and wanted to know if he shared her feelings.

“Given his behavior for the past months, I was pretty confident this was going to be a nice, romantic conversation,” she explained.

“He responded by literally saying: “Define feelings..?” and explaining he “does not like labels or this whole boyfriend-girlfriend-thing.” I was very surprised and hurt (and felt a bit humiliated), but said I that I understood and respected it.”

“After that, he just went on like nothing had happened and seemed genuinely confused when I left to sleep at home that night.”

As the days went by following their conversation, she began to consider what she has with him. Although she likes him, she isn’t a fan of wasting her time on a guy who won’t love her back or commit to her.

Yesterday she spent time with this guy, and she mentioned to him that she would like to do things differently.

Pixel-Shot – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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