This 20-Year-Old’s Mom Keeps Stealing Her Clothes And Wearing Them, Which She Thinks Her Mom Is Doing In Order To Feel Younger

BullRun - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 20-year-old girl has a mom who is 48, and not too long ago; her mom lost a ton of weight. Now, she and her mom are the exact same size in clothing.

Since her mom lost weight, she has noticed that her mom also happens to be experiencing some kind of mid-life crisis, which has resulted in her mom taking her clothes without asking and then wearing them.

“She has also recently started dating a man who is significantly younger than her, and it just gives me the ick because I feel like she’s starting to wear my clothes to feel younger or to kind of keep up with him,” she explained.

“We usually share jackets and stuff like that, but she never wanted to wear any of my other stuff because I’m into alternative/goth fashion, and she likes to dress business casual, so there’s not a whole lot of overlap there.”

She has asked her mom tons of times to please stop stealing her clothes, but her mom doesn’t listen to her.

Instead, her mom keeps wandering into her bedroom (she still lives at home with her) and helping herself to whatever she wants.

She feels terrible to have to continuously tell her mom to stop wearing her clothes because it makes her feel like she is being mean to her mom or making her mom out to be “too old.”

The reality is that her mom looks amazing for 48, and she knows her mom is an adult and can dress herself any way she pleases, but she just wants her mom to find other clothes to wear that she didn’t buy.

“I love my mom, but it grosses me out because she wore my favorite leather jacket on her first date with the guy and later proceeded to tell me that they did some stuff, and honestly, I really didn’t need to know about it,” she said.

BullRun – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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