This Nurse’s Life Fell Apart As She Worked Through The Pandemic, And Now She’s Thinking Her Husband Was Really To Blame In A Big Way

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This 37-year-old woman is a nurse, and she worked throughout the pandemic in an enormous hospital.

She spent 2 years taking care of the patients on the COVID floor, and she really did love her job until she discovered that her heart was no longer in it.

The pandemic really was to blame for losing the love that she had for being a nurse.

“The trauma of non-stop work weeks and endless overtime while watching patient after patient die led to total dissociation,” she explained.

“I had non-stop panic attacks outside of work and felt out of body while at work. They refused to cut my hours, and I eventually fizzled out and quit without notice. During COVID, my husband (42M) had a job that closed off and on, giving him about 8 months off in total.”

But throughout the pandemic, while her husband wasn’t working really, she would still come home to a disaster area.

Her house was always messy, and the dog had gone to the bathroom frequently in her home too. On top of that, her husband never offered to make dinner and basically never did any of their laundry or dishes.

Sometimes, her husband would do laundry if she begged on end for him to pitch in. Now, her husband has forever been lazy and disorganized, but that never irritated her because their house never got gross when he was out at the office.

In the end, her husband’s inability or unwillingness to help keep their home clean added to her feeling like her life had completely fallen apart in the pandemic.

pikselstock – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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