Don’t Throw Away Any Eggshells, Because You Can Use Them To Benefit Your Garden, And Here’s How

Finally, she loads the eggshells into a blender, crushing them down so they all fit inside and grinds them up into a powder. Work the eggshell powder into the soil throughout the gardening season, and watch your plants flourish!

Several TikTok users offered some additional tips and tricks regarding the use of eggshells in the comments section.

“I did this and sprinkled it on the potting soil around my lily, and it has really bounced back; poor thing was about dead,” commented one user.

“You can also put those eggshells in an empty capsule and take them as a calcium/magnesium supplement,” suggested another.

“If you have chickens, this is great to feed back to them, adds calcium they need to make stronger eggshells,” shared a third.

As you can see, eggshells have a lot of value. So the next time you’re whipping up an omelet set the shells aside for your garden. You’ll be providing your plants with plenty of nutrients while cutting down on food waste in the process!


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