If You Love Egg Salad, Here’s An Elevated Take On This Classic Recipe

TikTok - @maxiskitchen

Your egg salad recipe might need some updating. TikToker Maxine Sharf (@maxiskitchen) has the best way to help you reinvent your egg salad. Instead of plain chopped hard-boiled eggs, Maxine’s recipe calls for the use of the gorgeous jammy egg.

Compared to the typical egg salad, her elevated version is moister and has an eggier flavor. The silky smoothness of the yolk acts almost as a sauce, which erases the need for any mayonnaise. It’s perfect for those who aren’t a fan of mayo.

“I’m calling this a modern egg salad because you cook the eggs until jammy, which really allows the richness of the yolk to shine,” began Maxine.

Here’s how to cook flawless jammy eggs for your new and improved egg salad!


-Six eggs

-Three tablespoons of shallots

-Two tablespoons of pickles

-Two tablespoons of dill, minced

-One teaspoon of olive oil

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