He’s Letting His Daughter Live In A Family Beach House During College Since She Will Inherit It In A Few Years, But His Girlfriend Thinks Her Daughter Should Also Be Allowed To Live There And Accused Him Of Favoritism

They have even made solo plans together before, despite not really considering each other sisters or best friends.

More recently, though, the fact that both girls will be graduating high school and heading to college soon has stirred up some drama.

His girlfriend’s daughter, Kara, will be attending college near the beach house. So, she ended up asking if she could live in the home while in school to save money– which he claims would be a significant amount.

Afterward, though, Emmy approached him also. Apparently, his daughter claimed that she also wanted to live there while in school but preferred to live alone.

Now, he claimed that the house has more than enough space to house both girls. Regardless, Emmy just was not on board with the idea. Instead, his daughter pointed out how she and Kara have very different lifestyles.

So, Emmy told him that she would be much more comfortable either living alone or having a friend be her roommate if he really wanted her to live with someone.

“It was a frank conversation, and she brought up the fact that the home will be hers one day,” he recalled.

“So it made sense, and she is right– the home will be hers by law in a few years, as I will pass it to her.”

After his girlfriend and Kara found out about this new arrangement, though, they were beyond upset. First, he got accused of favoring Emmy.

Then, his girlfriend and Kara pointed out how Emmy will already be set up for life. After all, his daughter already has a free ride to school because of scholarships and will have free housing.

Kara, on the other hand, will need to use loans for school and may have to take a gap year or attend a different school altogether just to afford the expenses.

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