Her Grandma Gifted Her Wedding Rings To Her Before She Passed Away, And Also Left Money To Pay For Her College Tuition, But This Made The Rest Of Her Family Angry

As soon as her aunt was told that her grandma’s money was going to pay for her college tuition, her aunt became livid.

Her aunt is also beside herself because her grandma’s rings technically were supposed to go to her aunt’s daughter instead of her.

The thing is, her aunt and her aunt’s kids never spent time with her grandparents growing up, even though their house is 2 hours from where her grandparents lived.

In contrast, she was the one who always was with her grandparents, so she thinks that’s why her grandma wanted to give the rings to her and give her money as well.

She feels terrible that her whole family is angry with her for getting these gifts from her grandma, and she is concerned that she could destroy the relationships she has with with all of them over this.

“Should I give the rings to the next in line granddaughter?” she wondered. “Selfishly, I want to keep the rings as my grandmother wanted me to have them, but I also don’t want to lose my family over them.”

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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