He’s Currently Dating A Single Mom, And He Regrets This Decision So Much That He Wants To Call The Relationship Off

He’s concerned about his girlfriend’s style of parenting. He’s concerned that the father of his girlfriend’s son is a real piece of work who can’t pay to support the boy at all.

He’s concerned that if he remains in a relationship with his girlfriend, he’s going to have to financially support her son.

“It’s like I have all the responsibilities of a parent but none of the authority,” he said. “I really love my girlfriend, and we have such a good relationship outside of her son, but now I think it’s time for me to end it.”

“I just feel completely awful about the whole thing because I knew she was a single mother before I got into this relationship, but I kept ignoring red flags and kept telling myself it would get better, but it hasn’t; it just kept getting worse.”

“I feel like I wasted both of our time, but I’m just having trouble letting go. Every time I think about ending it, I get scared that I’ll miss her too much. But deep down, I know that I have to. Any advice or anyone else go through this before?”

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