He’s Sharing 4 Excellent Date Ideas That Not Many Guys Think Of

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Romantic date ideas don’t always come easy, whether you’re a couple who have been together for years or if you’re trying to impress a new flame.

Dates certainly don’t plan themselves, and the best ones require equal amounts of excitement and creativity.

If you’re struggling to find inspiration, TikToker @alexmihalcheon has four super simple date ideas that will be sure to give your partner or crush an unforgettable experience!

Number one: watch the sun go down with your S.O. Sunsets are romantic, magical, and absolutely stunning, no matter how many times you’ve seen one.

Who doesn’t love a beautiful sunset? It’s also a great place for a first kiss!

Number two: take your partner to a theme park. Theme parks are especially ideal for a first date. It’s casual and fun, and there’s no room for awkwardness because you’re both too busy screaming your heads off on all the exhilarating rollercoasters.

You also have the chance to converse and get to know your date while standing in line for the rides, so it’s not like you’re never speaking to each other.

Number three: go to an arcade. You won’t be bored on a date to an arcade because there are a variety of games and activities you can enjoy together.

Compete with your S.O. to see who can win the most games. A little friendly competition is bound to create some sparks. Plus, there’s always an opportunity to impress your crush by winning a prize for them!

Syda Productions – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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