His Girlfriend Cheated On Him With His Brother And His Family Expects Him To Forgive Them Both Since They’re Really In Love Now

Anyway, 3 years ago, he began dating a 27-year-old girl named Chelsea, and after he introduced Chelsea to his family, he was happy to see that she got along wonderfully with Gabriel.

About 1 year ago, his company became super short-staffed, so he ended up having to work even longer hours throughout the course of 2 months.

He worked so much that he would come home and just get into bed. On his weekends, he was so exhausted that he didn’t have the energy to do fun things with Chelsea, and he went from seeing her about 2 times a week to 1 time every week. Sometimes, he would see Chelsea just once every few weeks.

But, after those difficult 2 months came to a close, his relationship with Chelsea seemed to go back to how it had been all along.

Then, he realized Chelsea was becoming more and more “distant,” and she wasn’t acting quite like herself.

“She became quite possessive with her phone; she would suddenly cancel our dates and other things like that,” he said.

“Anyway, fast forward to 3 months ago, and I found out Chelsea had been cheating on me with my brother (yeah, I looked through her phone; it’s a violation of her privacy, I know).”

“I think I have never been so angry in my whole life. I kicked her out, went to my brother’s house, and confronted him. He laughed in my face. This man, my own brother, stole my GF after everything I did for him and even laughed in my face.”

He essentially told his brother that he was dead to him that day for this complete act of betrayal.

He then called up his mom and dad and filled them in. They promised that they would speak to Gabriel about what had happened.

In the months that followed, he was a train wreck. He was so broken about Chelsea that he just did his best to put all of his attention on his career.

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