His Pregnant Fiancée Refused To Help Him Search For His Dog, Which Escapes At Least Once Every Week, So He Called Her Heartless, And Now She’s Furious

djile - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This man’s 28-year-old fiancée is currently five months pregnant. And at this point in her pregnancy, his fiancée has been feeling quite nauseous and fatigued lately.

The pair also has a 6-year-old dog that is a heeler and corgi mix. Unfortunately, though, his pup apparently “runs off” at least one time every single week.

Now, when this happens, he claims that his fiancée will usually help him find the dog.

“But it’s not without protest,” he revealed.

He was also pretty dumbfounded regarding how the dog was even getting out of their fenced yard in the first place.

So he ended up installing cameras and learned that the pup had actually just been scaling their eight-foot fence without any problems. This led him to attach “spinners” to the top of the fence– but, according to him, even that did not solve the issue.

He came to this realization after he brought his dog outside recently. Then, while they were playing together, he heard his phone ringing inside.

He claims that he only went inside long enough to just grab his phone. Still, even in that short amount of time, his dog managed to escape the yard again.

So, he immediately ran outside and started searching for the pup. And since he was only inside for a short time, he figured that the dog could not have gotten that far.

djile – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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