She Got Engaged To A Guy After Only Knowing Him For 6 Months, But Her Sister Doesn’t Support Her Upcoming Wedding, So She Wants To Leave Her Off The Guest List

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This 24-year-old girl just got engaged a month ago after her 30-year-old boyfriend named Derrick proposed.

Before her boyfriend got down on one knee, though, she had only been dating him for 6 months.

She is aware that she hasn’t been in a relationship with Derrick for that long, but she is convinced that he’s the one for her.

She is head over heels in love with him, and she knows he feels the same way about her, so she doesn’t see the point in waiting to get married.

She has gotten to meet Derrick’s family, and she and Derrick are almost ready to buy a house together too.

But anyway, back to her upcoming wedding; her 26-year-old sister has a huge problem with her wanting to rush to the altar so soon.

“She was supportive of my relationship with Derrick before we got engaged,” she explained. “When I sent her a text telling her we were engaged, she responded by saying “congratulations.”

“But then, when I saw her the week after that, she got all serious and said I should strongly consider the marriage.”

“She told me I was young and could meet people I loved more. That was offensive to me because I love Derrick more than anything, and she’s basically saying my love isn’t that important. She also told me that Derrick and I could date for longer before we got married. But we are already fully committed to each other, so we might as well get married and be recognized as soul mates in the eyes of the law.”

WellStock – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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