She Has A Ghost Story About A Little Boy She Would See Standing In The Garden Of Her Childhood Home

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You know when little kids have imaginary friends, and it ends up getting kind of creepy? Sometimes, kids will say their imaginary friends are hanging around when you don’t expect it, like sitting right next to you at the dinner table or while you’re playing with them.

One woman recently told a story in a TikTok video about how she would always see a little boy standing in the garden of her childhood home.

But after her mom started noticing the boy, it also became apparent that he wasn’t imaginary. Instead, he was a ghost with an interesting past.

Soulmori (@soulmori) was five years old and getting her hair brushed by her mom for her first day of school when she spotted a little boy standing in her front yard through a window.

“Hey, mom, do you see that little boy at the top of the garden?” she asked her mom.

“You see him too?” her mom replied while looking out the window.

“Yeah, he’s my friend,” said Soulmori.

She really freaked out her mom when she said this. Where did that little boy come from?
As it turns out, Soulmori’s house was located in a countryside where children were often sent during World War I. She and her mother continued to see a little boy carrying a suitcase in their garden.

She began learning about ouija boards and paranormal things at a young age, and one day made a ouija board out of paper, which she notes was a bad idea.

Stephen – – illustrative purposes only

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