She Has An Interesting Catfish Story, And It Seems This Guy Could Have Been Potentially Dangerous

“Timing is important,” clarifies Amanda. She texted him back and then went to shower before the date.

When Luca hadn’t responded to her by 5:30 pm, she had a feeling that something definitely wasn’t right. Instead of getting ready for the date, she did some investigating. As it turns out, Luca had unmatched with Amanda on Hinge that day. She then called the restaurant to see if there even was a reservation.

The hostess helped Amanda out, giving her the first and last name of who made the reservation, and also told her that it had been canceled at 2:41 pm. This means that Luca canceled the reservation before he texted her. Bizarre!

“Now I don’t know what this guy or girl’s motive was to talk to somebody for a day and a half and just, like, cancel the reservation and not say anything,” wonders Amanda. “But I think I set him off when I said to him, ‘I feel like you’re not real.'”

Amanda then warns her viewers, saying, “I don’t know what’s going on, but girls, be careful. It could be something more dangerous, and I just want everybody to watch out.”

Days later, after Amanda’s videos had gone viral, viewers helped identify who the Hinge user was posing as! The profile was filled with pictures of Luca Vezil, an Italian model and influencer. The real Luca has a partner and travels around Italy, not Boston.

“Luca, if you see this, somebody’s using your profile and catfishing everybody in Boston, Massachusetts,” says Amanda in another video. “Ciao!”

Case closed! Stay safe out there, everybody.


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