She’s Refusing To Give Her Stepsister A Diamond Necklace Because It Was A Family Heirloom Gifted To Her By Her Grandma, And Her Stepsister Just Wants To Sell It

Then, about three weeks later, it also happened to be her birthday. So, she decided to fly home to have dinner with her family. Spoiler alert: Abby opted not to attend the dinner.

She was not too upset about it, though, because her grandma ended up giving her a beautiful surprise. More specifically, her grandmother gifted her a diamond necklace family heirloom.

Apparently, her grandma had worn that necklace every single day. Plus, when she was a little girl, her grandma promised her that the piece of jewelry would someday be hers.

After she left the dinner, arrived home, and walked into the living room, though, all hell broke loose. Abby was reportedly in the living room, too, spotted her wearing the necklace and became enraged.

In fact, she detailed how Abby jumped up from the couch, ran over, and got about three inches from her face before screaming at her about the necklace. Apparently, her stepsister claimed to have loved the necklace and said that she had begged to inherit it.

It is crucial to note, though, that Abby never had a good relationship with their grandparents.

“My stepfather’s parents both passed not too long after they got married, and Abby has always hated going over to my grandparents. And she is not always nice to them,” she revealed.

So, after Abby started freaking out on her, she decided to snap right back. More specifically, she told her stepsister that the necklace was a family heirloom and was always going to be given to her.

Abby did not take that well, though, and accused her of implying that her stepsister was not family. Then, she even got called a self-centered jerk!

Clearly, things were getting out of hand at that point– and she did not want to keep fighting. So, she told Abby to stop starting with her.

Still, her stepsister did not get the message. Instead, Abby claimed that since the necklace was supposed to go to the first granddaughter, they should sell the piece of jewelry and split the money in order to make everything fair.

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