She Nearly Got Hid Head-On By A Tractor Trailer While Driving In Snowy Weather, And She’s Convinced A Guardian Angel Disguised As A Police Officer Helped Save Her From A Terrible Fate That Day

Look! - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Do you believe in guardian angels? If not, this story may convince you otherwise.

One woman recently shared a story about a time she met a police officer who she believed was an angel.

She was 20-years-old and commuted to college in Massachusetts by driving. One day, she was running late to class and had to drive to school on a nasty day when it was icy and snowy outside.

She was driving on a notoriously dangerous highway and admits that she was driving way too fast.
“Suddenly, my car fishtailed, and I spun out completely,” she remembers. “I was suddenly in the far right lane facing oncoming traffic.”

To make matters worse, a tractor-trailer was coming right at her, and she had nowhere to go. She has no clear recollection of what exactly happened within those few seconds of the tractor coming towards her.

All she remembers is her car going into reverse and her backing up into a patch of the shoulder on the highway, just barely dodging the trailer.

Less than a minute later, a police officer knocked on her window to see if she was okay. He had seen her car spin out of control and did everything he could to get her to relax during that stressful moment.

The cop then told her that he would use his car and stop traffic so that she could turn around and go back in the right direction. She sat there for a moment, still in shock, before slowly turning her car around.

Once she turned back to see if the cop was still there, she was stunned.

Look! – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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