She Sold A Family Lake House To Her Son And His Fiancée Without Bothering To Tell Her Daughter, So After Her Daughter Found Out Last Week, She Was Devastated

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Before this 48-year-old woman got married, she and her fiancé both had good jobs and a stable income. So, after tying the knot, they were able to save up enough money to purchase their first home.

Plus, since her husband loved to fish, they also wanted to get a place outside of the city. This led the couple to save money again, and eventually, they also purchased a lake house.

Now, over the course of their marriage, she and her husband had two children together– a son named Theo, who is currently 29, and a daughter named Lindsey, who is 26.

So when her children were young, they used to take family vacations to the lake house very often. After all, the property was not very far from their primary residence.

About five years ago, though, her husband sadly became very sick. Then, one year after he finally received a diagnosis, he passed away.

The lake house was originally under her husband’s name, though. So, in an effort to be cautious, she claims that her husband passed all of the properties along to her, as well as all of the saved money he had in a separate account.

“He never told me what to do with the money or anything; he just passed all of it to me with the help of a lawyer,” she recalled.

Her husband also wrote a will to detail what should happen with some of his beloved items– like his grandfather’s car. According to her, these items were not very expensive but held more emotional value.

Her husband left some of these items to her; meanwhile, some also went to her children and the rest of their family and friends.

neirfy – – illustrative purposes only

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