She Was Gifted A Dinner To A Michelin Star Restaurant, But After Her Friend Got Upset That She Wanted To Take Her Boyfriend With Her To Eat There, She Ended Up Giving Her Friend The Reservation Instead And Upsetting Her Boyfriend

baranq - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

This woman and her boyfriend currently reside in a very big city. In their city, there’s an upscale restaurant that has 3 Michelin stars, and it’s so pricey that she and her boyfriend know that getting to eat there is a not-so-realistic dream.

“…We’ve only ever talked about it in fantastical terms, kind of like the way you’d talk about what you’d do if you were Marie Antoinette at Palais Versailles,” she explained.

“Well, lo and behold, as part of my annual bonus, my firm (which is quite small and intimate – they market themselves as a “boutique” specializing in their service expertise) knew I was a big foodie and somehow managed to get me not only reservations to this amazing restaurant but also gave me a $500 gift card to accompany it.

She just absolutely freaked out when she received this gift, and she says it is by far the most amazing present she has ever gotten.

She does admit that she would have liked to have had a cash bonus or a raise instead, but regardless, it was something she was happy about.

She also knows there’s absolutely no way she is important enough to ever land a reservation at this place anytime soon.

As soon as she found out about the gift, she immediately thought about taking her boyfriend with her to have dinner there.

Her boyfriend is not exactly a “foodie,” and one of her closest friends is aware that her boyfriend doesn’t exactly have an appreciation for finer dining.

This friend of hers basically asked if she could go to dinner at the restaurant with her instead of her taking her boyfriend.

baranq – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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