She’s Still Replaying One Suspicious Afternoon She Had At A Rest Stop Years Ago, And She Thinks She May Have Seen The “Aftermath” Of A Kidnapping

Minerva Studio - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

A woman is still replaying in her head one suspicious afternoon she had at a rest stop in the south years ago. 

She was on a road trip to Nashville, Tennessee, with her mom, and they had just crossed over the Kentucky state line. They decided to pull over into a rest stop to use the bathroom and grab some drinks.

While she and her mom were in their own bathroom stalls, they heard someone else enter the restroom. It was an older woman and a little girl. 

“They went into the handicap stall together, and though the child never said a word, the woman never stopped talking,” she recalled.

The woman kept saying things to the kid that were super sketchy. She said things like, “You’re a beautiful little girl, do you know that?” and “I’m your mama. Can you say, mama?”

The way the woman was talking and the lack of response from the little girl did not sound like a mother trying to teach her kid how to speak but a stranger trying to convince someone else’s kid that she was her mother. 

However, the little girl didn’t necessarily seem scared. It was just strange how quiet she was. 

Once the two of them finished up and left, she exited the stalls with her mom. They both agreed that what they heard sounded weird. They went into the rest stop store to get a few things and noted that there weren’t any people in there frantically searching for their kid.

Then, as they walked back to their car, they saw the woman and the girl outside. They were parked right next to each other. 

Minerva Studio – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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