There’s A Guy Living In A Van Right Outside Of His House, And He’s Thinking It’s Time To Tell This Guy To Leave Because It’s Making His Wife Uneasy

Raul Mellado - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This man lives with his family in a house that’s set on a dead-end street, and it’s really quite a quiet neighborhood.

About a month ago, he began seeing a van parked right in front of his home. And, in the weeks since he first spotted the van, he noticed a man is actually living inside of it.

The van has clearly been converted into a “van lifer” kind of thing. He doesn’t want to be mean, but it’s really upsetting him to have this guy living in a van right outside of his house, especially since his family is so close in proximity to this stranger he knows nothing about.

His wife is beginning to be uneasy about the man in the van because she works from home alone with their young son.

“I’m not one of those people who polices public parking, but I think this guy has overstayed his welcome,” he explained.

He decided to call his town to ask if they have any restrictions on parking in his neighborhood, but they really don’t.

The town won’t let you park if there happens to be a ban because of snow, or they won’t allow a car that’s not registered to be on a street, but other than those exceptions, anyone can park anywhere for as long as they like.

So, because his town doesn’t have any restrictions he can rely on to get the man in the van to move, he’s thinking of approaching him and asking if he can move along and find somewhere else to park.

“He is close enough that if I’m on my back porch, I can hear him cough or talk on the phone from the van,” he said.

Raul Mellado – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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