5 Completely Unrealistic Expectations You Might Have For Your Bridesmaids

Rather than expecting your bridesmaids to be available all the time, work to set clear expectations for when you need their help. Lay out plans ahead of time, try to make their schedules work, and be receptive if your bridesmaids just cannot be there.

At the same time, when your bridesmaids do show up for you, never forget to show your appreciation for their time and efforts.

2. Bridesmaid Dresses

Matching bridesmaid dresses is a classic wedding planning debate. Yes, having your entire bridal party in one gown may look stunning in photos.

But, it is not always fair or practical to expect every bridesmaid to wear the exact same dress.

First of all, not everyone will have the same body type or style preference. So, if you force them into a dress they don’t feel comfortable in, that can lead to feelings of insecurity or resentment.

On top of that, not every bridesmaid in your party will have the same budget for a dress. That’s why it’s not fair to expect them all to spend a fortune on a dress that they might only wear once– especially if they don’t like it.

So, instead of dictating a specific dress, you can pick out a color palette or specific fabric that your bridesmaids can work with. They will still fit your theme, but will be able to choose a dress that flatters their body type, fits their budget, and makes them feel beautiful.

3. Bachelorette Budget

Okay, we have all seen the elaborate weekend-long bachelorette parties on social media. But let’s be real: these high-caliber celebrations are not always practical.

I’m not saying you cannot have a bachelorette party at all. Rather, it’s just not fair to expect your bridal party to throw you an expensive, two or three-day-long celebration without any financial help.

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