Figure Out Your “Why” And Fantasize About What You Want, Instead Of Dwelling On What You Don’t Have, In Order To Bring Your Dreams To Life

However, we cannot get stuck in a disastrous cycle of thinking where we resent our circumstances but refuse to do anything about it.

This pitfall is actually very common and is often tied to inner feelings of unworthiness that developed during childhood. Many people do not feel like they are deserving or worthy of their biggest dreams and highest aspirations. So, they settle– and continue dwelling on the negatives every day.

But as soon as you begin giving more thought to your big dreams, big changes may happen.

Bring Your “Wants” To Life

Once you begin giving more attention to your “wants” as opposed to your “don’t haves,” new neuropathways will form. And as you continuously send brain signals (thoughts) down these pathways, they will become more familiar and dominant– beating out your older and more common negative thought processes.

As you start to change your day-to-day mindset, your subsequent behaviors and decisions will change, too. Rather than making choices based on your past beliefs, you might feel motivated to break the mold and make more conscious efforts based on your goals.

In the process, it is also essential that you prioritize wonder. You shouldn’t be working toward a goal if you don’t have any desire for it or if you just think that’s what you are “supposed to do.”

Instead, allow yourself to fantasize fully about your wants. What would it feel like to achieve your goals? How would your life change? Would you feel more at peace, content, fulfilled, and empowered? Any and all emotions are totally valid.

Finally, consider why you actually want what you want. This can be a tough question to answer– especially if you have had the same goals for years on end. After all of this time, they may just be in the back of your mind with an unclear origin.

Regardless of how difficult it can be, though, you have to get to the bottom of the “why.” What is the powerful reason behind why you want to move away, lose 20 pounds, buy a home, or start a business? Dig deep and work to get to the root of your own thought process.

Then, once you are aware of your why– and can visualize exactly how it would feel to achieve that purpose– you will be one step closer to bringing your goals to fruition.

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