He Cheated With His Best Friend’s Sister, But He Still Is In Love With His Ex And Even Planned To Propose To Her With A Ring He Saved For Years To Buy

lashkhidzetim - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 28-year-old man was in a relationship with his 30-year-old girlfriend for 5 years, but one evening in December of 2022 changed everything.

On the night in question, he drank way too much, and he doesn’t really recall what exactly happened, but then he woke up to his best friend’s 21-year-old sister laying right beside him. In his bed.

They had all been at a party the evening before, but he honestly couldn’t even remember his best friend’s sister attending that party.

He ended up creating his own worst “nightmare” because he really, truly was in love with his girlfriend, yet he had very clearly cheated on her.

He asked his best friend’s sister not to say anything to anyone about what had happened between them, as he needed time to consider what he should do in such a sticky situation.

He felt awful for cheating, and the guilt was eating him alive; however, he was not brave enough to come clean to his girlfriend.

For several weeks, he kept quiet about what he had done, but then on Christmas Day last year, his best friend’s sister informed him that she was definitely pregnant.

This really left him with no choice but to be with his best friend’s sister, and he then let his girlfriend know that he was interested in breaking up. He never told her about the cheating though.

After dumping his girlfriend, he started officially dating his best friend’s sister.

lashkhidzetim – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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