He Drove To A Surprise Party Without His Girlfriend Because She Took Too Long To Get Ready For An Event, And Now She’s Very Upset With Him

Utkamandarinka - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Something many couples love to bicker about is how long it takes the other person to get ready. I’ve seen couples get into major arguments after blaming one another for taking too long to prepare before some big event. 

One man drove to a surprise party without his girlfriend because she took too long to get ready and now she’s very upset with him. 

He and his girlfriend are in their late 20s. Since they’ve been together, he’s noticed it takes her a super long time to get ready. For example, it takes her longer than an hour to style her hair alone. 

A few days ago, they were invited to his longtime friend’s surprise 30th birthday party. As you know, it’s crucial to get to a surprise party on time, so you can be there before the person of honor shows up.

They were expected to be there by 8:00 pm when his friend was due to show up. Knowing she takes a long time to get ready, he asked his girlfriend repeatedly to get ready a couple of hours before they had to leave. However, she didn’t start getting ready until 7:30 pm. 

“I told her I was leaving,” he recalled. “She could either tie up her hair and leave with me now or just show up to the party by herself later.”

His girlfriend didn’t pick up the pace and argued with him until he got in the car and drove to the party. He made it for the surprise, which he says was amazing.

His girlfriend didn’t arrive at the party until 8:30 pm after the surprise had happened. He saw his girlfriend’s parents before she arrived, and when they asked where she was, he told them the truth – that she was still getting ready. 

When the party was over, and he drove home with his girlfriend, she was irritated. She told him he was immature for leaving without her and was mad for telling her parents why she was late.

Utkamandarinka – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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