He Informed His Sister That She’s The Real Reason Their Parents Are Splitting Up, And He’s Not Sure If Maybe He Should Have Said Nothing

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This 24-year-old man’s mom and dad just made an announcement around a month ago that they’re filing for divorce.

Everyone who knows his mom and dad has been shocked by this news, as from the outside looking in, his mom and dad appear to have no problems that are unusual.

However, he knows the truth about why his parents are actually splitting up, and it all comes down to his 26-year-old sister named Anne.

He says that Anne is the definition of a “deadbeat” and has never been able to hold down a job after she got kicked out of college several years ago.

Anne spends her time at home plugged into the TV or with her boyfriend doing absolutely nothing productive.

“She feels no need to support herself and expects my parents to carry her through life,” he explained.

“She’s been in therapy since she was 14 but cannot keep one for more than a year because she gets dropped as a client due to her lying and inability to show up to appointments.”

“My parents have spent over a decade trying to get some mental issue pinned down for Anne, and all they’ve gotten is she’s just a lazy narcissist.”

A year ago, his mom finally got fed up with Anne and decided to be done with her. His dad did not agree with his mom, though, and that’s the reason why they are splitting up.

SlavaSelfStudio – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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