Her 24-Year-Old Boyfriend Started Rapping, And She Finds His Music Both Cringy And Very Disrespectful, So She’s Having Trouble Being Supportive

Still, that specific argument wound up ending after she just decided she would get over her issues with her boyfriend’s raps.

Just yesterday, though, that became seriously difficult for her.

Apparently, her boyfriend recorded yet another song with his friend that night and decided to send it to her. He also said that he gave her a “shoutout” on the song, so she was actually really excited to listen.

She soon realized, though, that the shoutout was not very flattering. Her boyfriend just said something about getting with someone else’s girl before saying that his new girl has a bigger backside than his old one.

And quite frankly, she said this immediately made her super uncomfortable.

“I’m trying so hard to be supportive, so I told him I appreciated the shoutout, which I do,” she admitted.

“I can tell he’s trying, but hearing him refer to me like that is just so gross to me. I would prefer not to be mentioned at that point.”

So, while she realizes that sometimes you have to separate “art” from the “artist,” the whole experience is weird for her.

After all, the songs have forced her to view her teddy bear of a boyfriend in an entirely new light– one that she really does not vibe with.

And swallowing her feelings has proven to be very difficult. She knows it will continue being a challenge, and she really does not enjoy that– especially because she is an open book who hates lying.

She also loves sharing her true thoughts with her boyfriend but knows that if she is honest, her boyfriend will just get angry at her again and accuse her of “hindering his creativity.”

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