Her Dad Refuses To Stay At A Specific Chain Of Hotels Ever Again After A Creepy Encounter They Had With A Stranger At The Pool

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After encountering a creepy stranger on a family vacation at their hotel pool years ago, her dad swore never to stay in that specific chain of hotels ever again. 

She was five-years-old when the incident happened. She was on a trip with her three-year-old sister, her mom, and her dad, who is a preacher. They were all staying at a Motel 6 in a small rural area. 

The hotel had an outdoor pool where she, her mom, and her sister decided to play while her dad sat at a table and worked on a sermon. 

“A man at the pool noticed the bible and used it as an opportunity to ask dad for counsel,” she remembered. 

As her dad told the man yes, her mom took her and her sister back to the hotel room to dry off and get cleaned up for dinner. 

Her father remembered the man telling him that he didn’t want to speak outside by the pool and asked if he could go up to their room with him. 

Of course, her father apologized but told him that was not an option as their family was up there. 

Then, the man got pushy and told her father that as a preacher, it was his duty to make him feel at ease so that he could help him with some “real healing.”

Once again, her father told the strange man that it was impossible for them to go up to the room. However, he tried to propose alternative meeting spaces and offered to meet the man at a café and buy him a cup of coffee.

n_u_t – – illustrative purposes only

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