Her Roommate Is Threatening That If She Doesn’t Get Rid Of Her Cats, She Will Move Out And End Their Friendship

veera - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual cats

I’ve always felt terrible for people given ultimatums to choose between their pets or a certain person. So often, our pets are considered family, and some people fail to realize that. 

One woman is going through a hard time after her friend and roommate threatened that if she didn’t get rid of her two cats, she’d move out and end their friendship. 

She’s 23-years-old and has been living with her good friend from college for a while now. A few months ago, she adopted two senior cats that used to belong to her good friend’s grandmother. When the grandmother passed away, she took in the cats with her roommate’s permission. 

“Initially, it was a favor for their family,” she said. “I was happy to help. But I became really attached to them, and they became very attached to me.”

There’ve been a few tricky moments with caring for the cats as they’ve been adjusting to living with someone else. For instance, one of the cats struggled with going to the bathroom in her litter box and had a few accidents around the house. 

Although there have been bumps in the road, she’s always diligently cleaned up after the cats, fed them, and paid for all their needs. Her roommate has complained a few times about their mess, but she does her best to make adjustments on her behalf. Overall, her roommate isn’t responsible for the cats whatsoever. 

The cats have been with them for three months, and they recently renewed their lease, so they’ll live together for the next two years. 

However, her roommate hit her with a scary ultimatum a few nights ago. She told her, “it’s me or the cats,” and threatened to move out if she didn’t find them a new home. 

Her roommate claimed that the cats had been causing her “mental anguish.”

veera – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual cats

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