Her Roommate Is Threatening That If She Doesn’t Get Rid Of Her Cats, She Will Move Out And End Their Friendship

“That night, I told her that I’m not choosing,” she recalled. “It’s a cruel thing to ask.”

She offered to move all the cat supplies into her bedroom and keep them out of sight whenever her roommate’s home, but that wasn’t good enough.

Her roommate claimed they agreed to have a “domestic partnership,” which made no sense to her, and accused her of never compromising for her as a roommate. 

As much as she doesn’t want to lose her friend of four years, she is insistent on not getting rid of her cats. But, in the end, if she got rid of them to please her friend, she would end up miserable in their living situation. 

“I can’t just get rid of my pets, who I love and care about, and live the next two years with someone I resent,” she explained.

“One friend, in particular, told me I needed to stand up for myself, that she’s emotionally manipulative, and I’m starting to think he’s right. Either way, I’ll feel awful.”

Should she feel bad for keeping her cats or be confident in her decision?

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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