Her Sister Used To Mock Her For Not Trying To Find A Rich Husband, But Now That Her Sister’s Rich Husband Left Her After Falling In Love With A Younger Woman, Her Sister Is Expecting Her To Step In And Give Her Money

elnariz - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

When our loved ones get divorced, it can be so sad to see them go through such a rough time, and we often will do what we can to help them ease the pain.

But one woman refuses to help out her recently divorced sister, who only married her husband for money.

She’s 36-years-old, and her sister is 38. She remembers being super close with her older sister when they were kids. But once they entered college, their relationship soured as they grew into two very different people. 

They both attended the same engineering college. She worked hard and focused on studying to get good grades, while her sister spent most of her free time preparing herself to find a rich husband. 

Her sister would take any money her parents sent her and spend it on clothes, makeup, and accessories so she could look good for wealthy men. Then, when her sister was out of money for living expenses, she’d go to her and ask for money. 

“I used to do that at first, but then I cut her off when I got fed up,” she explained. 

Her sister failed her classes, so while they were in college, her sister was moved down to her grade level.

Because they were studying for the same major, they were often in classes together where professors constantly compared them. 

Later on, she entered a relationship with someone from school. He didn’t come from a wealthy family whatsoever. Around the same time, her sister started dating a rich man.

elnariz – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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