Her Sister Wants To Invite Some Of Her Friends To Her Wedding, But She Said No Because She Doesn’t Know These People

romannoru - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

It’s always awkward when you’re planning an event, and someone asks if they can bring extra people with them. It’s especially inconvenient at weddings, which typically have tight-knit guest lists. 

One bride-to-be has been arguing with her younger sister after she told her she couldn’t bring some of her friends to her wedding.

She’s 27-years-old, and her sister is 21. She’s been carefully planning her wedding guest list, as her chosen venue has a strict guest limit. So with her fiancé, they crafted a list of criteria for each person they invited to their wedding.

Their wedding guests must be close and supportive friends, family, and colleagues. They must be over 18, and the only people invited to bring plus ones are those in a serious relationship, engaged, or already married. 

They sent out their wedding invitations two weeks ago, and so far, only three people have said they can’t go. 

Once her sister, who is already bringing her boyfriend, heard about these three guests, she asked if she could bring three of her friends to the wedding. These friends certainly don’t meet the guest criteria since she doesn’t even know them. 

Furthermore, her sister will be a bridesmaid and won’t even be able to sit with her friends since she’ll be seated at the head table with the rest of the wedding party.

Once she told her sister no, she was furious. She threw out every excuse she could to try and convince her to say yes, by saying that she won’t know that many people anywhere and that since her boyfriend won’t be sitting at the head table with her, he should have some people his age to sit with during dinner. 

However, she retorted that her sister’s boyfriend would be at the same table as their parents, who he gets along with. 

romannoru – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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