He’s Left Feeling Deeply Hurt After His Wife Insisted She Doesn’t Want Him In The Delivery Room When She Has Their Baby

armina - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Some pregnant women are pretty picky about who they want in the room with them when they deliver their baby.

It’s a very intimate moment that requires a lot of concentration, so some women only want to have very specific people with them.

One man is deeply hurt after his pregnant wife told him she doesn’t want him in the delivery room when she has their baby. 

He’s been with his wife, Emily, for seven years, and they’ve been married for two. They always talked about having kids.

It’s been a rough and emotional journey as Emily had lost a few pregnancies in the past, but now she’s eight months pregnant with their first child, a baby boy.

He’s always dreamt of the day his first baby is born and heard from his dad how amazing it is to be there in the room when it happens. 

However, as he and Emily started coming up with a plan for the day she gives birth, she’s become very adamant about not having him in the room with her. 

He’s repeatedly begged and pleaded with her over it, but she’s been standing her ground. The only person she wants in the room is her mom, which makes sense to him, but he also doesn’t understand why he can’t be there. 

“I don’t wanna stress her out too much because I keep telling myself all that matters is that they’re both healthy, but I’m honestly really sad about not being able to be there for my son’s birth,” he said. 

armina – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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